Suede & Leather

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Leather and suede garments require special care from a professional leather cleaner. We are able to clean some of the leathers in our plant, although we choose to send the majority of them to a professional, who is a specialist in the leather cleaning industry.

Professional leather cleaners have the dyes and tints necessary for restoring color. They also have special tension equipment necessary for accurate blocking and pressing. We choose to send our leathers and suede to Arrow Leather Care Specialists in Kansas City, MO. They're a 100 year old family-owned and operated leather cleaner and are one of the nation's largest and most respected cleaners in the country.

They not only clean coats but also jackets, Uggs, purses, sheepskin rugs, boots, chaps and everything you can imagine made from leather. They also have a repair center for all your custom needs! They can alter most anything, shorten, lengthen or install new linings, whatever your request. Their sewing department is top in the country.

In addition, they clean and glaze fur coats, stoles, muffs, collars and everything in the fur category with professional results as they have for over 100 years. They also provide repairs.

Be sure when you bring in your leathers to discuss any potential concerns you might have with our trained staff. We will help you make the proper decision regarding the care of your item before it is cleaned. Remember your leather is in professional leather specialists hands. You will love the results!